Critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and 新澳门六合彩开奖结果 core values are integrated through every degree program. Community connections and leadership are intentional and present regardless of the program. Students develop core competencies that tap their creativity, curiosity and resilience.

Real-world learning opportunities are immersive, invaluable experiences, preparing students to thrive in careers and service endeavors.

Students distinguish themselves with real-world job skills and experiences that enrich the way they understand the global society. The experiences students have during their time at Alvernia produce the skills needed to be effective leaders in any position.

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Undergraduate Programs
Featuring more than 50 programs and a community grounded in Franciscan values, Alvernia prepares undergraduates to pursue meaningful careers, relationships, and opportunities to positively impact the quality of life for all of society.
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Honors Program
A rigorous curriculum encourages learning, leadership and service at a higher level.
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First Year Seminar
Helps students acclimate to the mindset required of successful scholars.
Students in a residence hall lounge
Genesis Program
Offers advising, workshops, and a credit-bearing course to help students find their calling.
Student Center in the evening
Graduate Programs
Advancing to the next career level is the goal of most graduate students. Adding depth of knowledge and insight, an advanced degree translates to greater opportunities. Alvernia offers a comprehensive list of master鈥檚 and doctoral programs.
Adult education student working at Penske
Partnering with Employers
Keeping employees current and well-educated helps organizations stay competitive. Alvernia partners with employers to develop customized programs, curricula and training to meet employee educational needs.
A female student smiles in an adult education class.
Accelerated & Adult Education Programs
Meeting the needs of adult learners means offering college completion programs that fit busy schedules and allow adults to obtain a college degree on their terms and in their timeframe.
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Online Programs
Combining convenience with the same challenging curriculum of 新澳门六合彩开奖结果 on-campus programs, working adults accelerate their careers by completing degree programs online.
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Community Leadership
Alvernia is deeply entrenched in the Reading, Berks County and surrounding communities. With more than 1,000 community connections, the university works collaboratively with individuals, organizations, and businesses to train and prepare leaders.