Social Work Harrisburg NASW LEAD Rep. Manny Guzman

Alvernia social work students and professor Lelinna Hinh with Rep. Manny Guzman in Harrisburg, Pa.

Experiential learning opportunity with local legislators helps students navigate complexities of policymaking

Students in the , taught by Professor Lelinna Hinh, took a day trip to Harrisburg, Pa. for the National Association of Social Work (NASW) Legislation, Education and Advocacy Day (LEAD). By participating in the NASW LEAD, students engaged in experiential learning and gained actionable insights about how social work and policy advocacy intersect.

"I wanted to make sure my students attended this event to provide them with a firsthand understanding of the policy-making process and its impact on the communities they will serve in the future," said Hinh. "Experiencing this process in person offers insights into how policy directly influences their work and everyday lives. Taking them on this trip was essential in broadening their comprehension of the legislative world."

This experience helped prepare social work students to navigate the complexities of policymaking and serve as advocates for their industry. Hinh brought students to the capital to talk to state representatives and senators about policies that affect the industry and the importance of social workers and the work they do in their communities. During the visit, the class met with State Representative Manuel Guzman and Senator Judy Schwank's Legislation Coordinator, Tess Hoffertt. Guzman gave students a tour of the house floor and capital building while discussing the importance of The Social Work Licensure Compact initiative. Hoffertt answered questions about the day-to-day life working in state government and Senator Schwnak's role and responsibilities.

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